Jeep no more

Sorry I haven’t been around for about a month. Idk why but I’m always crazy busy. Bla…

Anyway I wanted to share my recent unfortunate event. πŸ˜” so first my husband is so awesome that he bought me a jeep. A 2004 jeep liberty with brand new 150 mile tires on it. Great sounding radio, the back “hatch” opens sideways not up like most. And to top it off this jeep drive so smooth. Smooth as butter. Omg I love my jeep. I didn’t even ask for it or any new anything. I got my new jeep on July 25th 2018.

My son goes to camping with his best friend an hour away from home. After 3 or 4 days there and on the 9th of August he calls me upset . There is something all over his face. It hurts and he could get any sleep do to it. I finally get a picture of his face and know immediately that I have to go get him. It’s an hour drive but I’m excited to drive my jeep on this long trip😁

I get there and I know right away it’s poison ivy. Which he seems to have bad reactions to. He was pretty cranky so I just gave him some meds and we headed home. Got home and started putting cream on his face and that’s when I realized how bad the poison ivy was. It’s was all over. Even across eyes. Poor guy. So I called his Doctors office and talked to the nurse. She suggested I run him to urgent care.

So we, my son naven and I leave home and head to our closest urgent care. Naven really tired from the benadryl so he falls asleep again In the jeep while I’m driving.

We live outside of town so were driving on country roads.

I’m just driving. Following all laws. Look both ways before I go over the tracks. All good. Keep on heading down Harris rd. I start to slow for the stop sign. I plan on turning right. I’m about to be at a full stop……


My son jumped up. I didn’t even see it coming. It just happened. 😣 A big ol truck hit us head on. He was coming from the road I wanted to turn on but he said he didn’t see me. That his big ol mirror blocked me out so when he turned onto Harris rd he cut his turn short and right into me. My brand new jeep😒 I literally cried like a baby. Nobody was hurt. Except me which I didn’t even feel at first. My neck, upper back shoulder areas started hurting once I calmed down. The highway patrol had the EMS come for me. Ugh….

The emergency room does x-ray and cat scan and end up telling me I have spasms and tenderness.

It’s now the 14th of August. My neck and shoulder back area still hurt. I did see I chiropractor today. She cracked my neck which was awesome😁 I go back to see her in 2 days. I’m still waiting to hear back from his insurance because the wreck was his fault so his insurance has to pay.

I keep having dreams that im in wrecks. And in real life I’m so scared when I’m driving. Every nose or bump makes my heart drop. I’ve also noticed I’m still a bit emotional.

People keep saying – don’t worry you’ll get a new jeep and that we are okay and that’s what’s important. Which I know. I do. It’s just I loved that jeep. It drove like butter. And my husband told me he bought it for me just to see a smile on my face. The next jeep or whatever isn’t from my hubs. It’s an emotional thing. Ugh.

And to top it all off I’ve never been in an auto accident before so I really don’t have a clue on what I’m doing.

I just wish it didn’t happen…. I only had my jeep for 15 days.

I’m so sad! 😣

Road trip..

Road trip day…

We went to pick up our daughter from a2 week vacation at our cousins house over in Missouri.

This is them as I Write this.😩 sleepy heads. 😁

So this is the story….

2 weeks ago we (my husband and I were suppose to meet our cousins half way in Illinois on Saturday.. well we decided to surprise them and so on Friday we drove all the way to our cousins house. We got there around 11pm and my daughter walked down the hall and when Chris saw her he wad like…. what???. Lol it was awesome. You had to be there. Anyway we had a great time. My husband and I stayed the weekend and headed home Sunday morning. Our daughter Rylie was staying there with them for 2 weeks. So that was 2 full weeks free of miss mouth. Lol. No.. I really missed my baby. Although I missed the 4th of July with her this year😣 … It’s okay. She had a great time. The very next day though… ughhh July 5th 2018… what a bad day. So first our guinea pig had her babies. She gave birth to 6 but only 5 lived. One of the babies was still born. So that was a happy sad time. My son buried the baby out back next to, well my daughters cat that she’s had for about 3 years was hit by a car. Yes, my daughters cat was killed while she was on vacation. Were still on the road but want to wait until we are home to tell her. That way she’s not super upset and stuck in the jeep. My niece haylei was the one face I the picture. She came with us that way she’s here for Rylie for moral support.

It’s the white cat. Long haired white pretty kitty. Her name was whiskers. I always called her kitty. Man I miss her so much already. Even know she was really my daughters cat she would only let me pet and hold her. She was the funniest crazy cat ever! See her in the crock pot? Lol yeahπŸ˜‚ the black cat in the one picture is Batman. He’s my son’s rescue cat. He was actually bit by a garden snake recently. Poor boy.

But anyway we did decorate kitty’s grave . She even has a headstone. My precious girl. So oh boy we still gotta tell Rylie the bad news. Wish is luck!

Actually interested?

So as most fibro warriors know. Most people without this condition we call fibromyalgia don’t really seem to want to hear about it. In my experience people have no clue what I’m talking about and there is so much info and confusion it’s so easy to loose someone’s interest. But most people don’t even show any kind of interest. Or show any empathy. It’s sad but true. Most people could really care less about what pain or issues I endure.

This is why I was super surprised when I had not one but two lady’s who were curious and seemed to care. Even asked if there are any medications that mite help. They showed so much compassion and it felt wonderful! πŸ’œ

These two lady’s were the mother and mother in-law of a friends who I was at a mutual friendly party with. Nice party, nice time and nice people.


So very true! Every second of every day I’m faking it. I even try to fake out my own self. Just so I can be happier. If that makes any sence. But yes for sure I have many masks. I don’t want people’s pitty. I don’t want to bring down their happiness. Seeing my loved ones happy makes me happy. Some people never see me with my mask off. See the new, real me and most never will. I will fake it forever or until I can’t fake it anymore.

Yolo- so I live the best life I can while I can. It’s strange but before fibro I was daring and did off the wall ideas but since being diagnosed I’ve definitely moved up a big level and when any situation or simply a thought. An idea. Like let’s spray my husband with shaving cream. πŸ˜‚ -Just because- pops in my head I’m more of a yes man now. This is my life and I honestly don’t know how long I have left to make memories. I want to enjoy as much as I can while I still can. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Especially with this illness.

No one ever says I shouldn’t have gave it a try or I shouldn’t have tried that. But what they do say is I regret not trying or doing. And that’s pretty much how I think now days. Less conservative. More memories! πŸ’œ

Father in-law blessing

Update update!

My father in-law is doing so so well. He takes short morning bike rides. Defiantly far from the anytime diagnoses we were givin. He is still on his oxygen and a crap ton of meds but he’s back! He’s him! We have truly been blessed! Thank you Jesus!

Don’t mow the grass

I think mowing the grass is fun. 🌱 Riding lawn mower or push mower, either way. I think it’s fun! But i learned that the vibrations put me in pain. So, no I shouldn’t mow and typically I don’t because I will pay for it later. Well the other day I thought I’m going to try it again. Since it’s been a while and I’m on different meds now since the last time I tried. Maybe I can do it. I only mowed about 30 minutes and while mowing I was fine. Normal me but fine.😊 Then the stupid fibro kicked in overdrive on my right wrist.πŸ˜” So I guess I got my answer. It’s still a no go. My son gave me a little cute lecture about how I should not have done that and when my husband got home from work he asked who mowed the lawn and I told him it was me but don’t worry I already learned my lesson. My right wrist is hurting. He just gave me a look. They just want the best for me. It’s just so hard not to do things you want to do just because you have a stupid syndrome and you’r going to hurt later. You know! Huh!

Father in-law Update

So he’s home. He came home on hospice. I can’t even remember dates or what I’ve already wrote. Everything kinda just blends.

Anyway, he’s home.

When he came home we were told today to anytime. And when he came home he was a bit better than before he left the hospital. Which gave me hope.

He has had good days and bad days.

Mothers day was a bad day. He then continued having a few bad days in a row and this past Tuesday , so about 4 days ago he got really really bad. All three of his children came. Everyone was crying. It was just them. I let them just be because I did show up to see my husband. I had to grab some milk money from him. Anyways he told me kind of what was going on because I had no idea. I later found out that it was a very very bad day. The worst day he’s had yet. Then he turned around the next day and he seems to be improving. A little bit more each day. He even went for a ride with his daughter in with the top down. Then the next day after that went with his son (my husband). They turned in all the pop cans because my father-in-law collects pop cans and he had a ton and he wanted to give the money he got to my daughter, which is his granddaughter for her Washington DC 8th grade trip. Which she is going on Monday morning. We have to have her at her school at 5:30 a.m. nice right? Yes.

Anyways, so then he had some good days in a row right. So he went to the recycling center, then my husband went and got his fishing license and I guess my father-in-law was walking around the store while they were there. So he’s had some real good days lately. Sitting up on the porch and living life. Which I’m loving!

I saw him even today sitting on the porch. Just having a good day. I guess he can’t take anybody Mowing and cutting grass though because he had to go put the whole oxygen mask on after 30 seconds of being outside with the neighbor mowing. So we learned that today.

He went on another ride with his daughter today with the top down again. They went to meet the other daughter to get the donuts the other daughter had got him from a place I don’t know. Lol

Anyways yes, so he is having better days. of course on oxygen he can’t do too much and can’t talk too much either. Walks super slow as well. Everything just takes everything out of him but it just makes me so hopeful.

Also a lot of emotional type things have been happening. His kids had to go set things up for the end which was super emotional. There’s really nothing you can say about that but he’s doing so much better and I feel so much better. I love this man. He is the best man I’ve ever met in my life. He really truly is a great father, husband, son, grandfather, and father-in-law. He’s the best father I’ve ever had.

Let’s please keep praying. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you! Love you all!

Best father in-law

So yes, I do have the world’s best father in-law ever!

He’s been the best father anyone could ever ask for!

My heart is broken right now because he is very very sick. I hope my children realize what happens when you smoke.

This will be the most devastating thing they have ever gone through. The worst thing my husband will ever incounter. So hard on all of us who love him.

He was just put on hospice…

Yeah my past week has been one hell of a week. Yesterday is when we actually got the worst news ever. He was givin a day to anytime or he could be with us a few more months. His time is completely unknown at this point. He has good periods but then some very bad ones. Please pray for my father in-law and my family.