1st blog ever!!

So this setting up my blog has been an experience. Now that I know what I’m doing it seems easy but not at the beginning. Anyway, hello. My name is Mic. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia since begging of 2012. Finally after years of pain and confusion,  I was diagnosed October 2016. I’m now on medication to help manage my pain. Which has been a blessing. Although I will always have issues no matter what. Like right now my lower back. Ugh… So I have my wonderful nephew over. He’s half mine. His name is Kaegen. He will be 2 in June. I wish he would go to sleep. I’m so tired. I don’t know how long I can hold on. He’s watching the weirdest cartoon. Masha and bear.


4 Replies to “1st blog ever!!”

    1. They really don’t know much about it yet. Who you get it or how to cure it, but it’s a disease in your nervous system which causes wide spread pain threw out your whole body all the time. Severe exhaustion . It’s so hard to explain what it feels like. But it’s definitely life altering and and lowers the quality of your life. Thank you for asking me.

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