Fun and family kind of day. Well, it’s April fool’s. So my daughter got her dad’s pack of pop and completely wrapped it with duct tape. She also left a note on there that said”It’s April fool’s day. Love Rylie.” Haha,I thought it was so funny.He ended up texting her later saying “I’m gonna kick your butt.”Which Rylie really thought was so funny. Then after we left the house to do some arrends before the birthday party my hip started doing some weird hip locking up on me. I went to get out of the car at Meijer and I couldn’t stand because my hip was locked up. It really hurt bad to. I tried to walk but it hurt worse. Then finally it loosened up. A lady walking by had noticed something was wrong and asked me if I was ok. I told her yes, and said thank you for asking and that It’s just my fibromyalgia. Her and her little granddaughter said they understood because the granddaughters mother has fibro too. So my daughter and I went on in to Meijer. Got what we needed and left. My hip did end up locking up when I went to stand a few more times. Plus my leg cramps​are still at it and my knees have joined in. Ugh. On a better note the birthday party for my mom and niece was great. Tried making cotton candy with straws because we couldn’t find the actual sticks and that faild. Heads up, cotton candy won’t stick or stay on a straw. Lol. We empervised and used plastic forks. Which works much better. So yes the kids were eating cotton candy off of plastic forks. So funny. Then my niece Brooklynn was just taking bites out of her personal cake. It was so cute. They both got great gifts and had a wonderful birthday party.