Water bottle, Lol

So today started of painful. I went and seen my doc this morning and he gave me meds to help me with my fibro flare. Thank God I finally started to feel better. I hope this lasts awhile because you just never know when or where it will flare up again.

On a better note. Fun times at my house this evening. Started off with my husband showing me a video of the very same trick I had planned to pull on him. ugh                         Soooo, Tyler and I decided to pull the trick on our daughter Rylie. She was the only one home at the time. Our son Naven was still at his girlfriends house.                                            Ok, so this trick we planned to pull on her goes like this, You need a bottle of water, a penny and a hand towel. Take the lid off the water bottle, lay the penny on the table and Say this, I’m gonna make this penny go into this bottle. Set the bottle on top of the penny, lay the hand towel over the water bottle and say,Abracadabra. Pull the towel off the bottle and YOU look inside the bottle and say, See it’s inside the bottle and when they look inside the bottle you squeeze the bottle so that water shoots at their face. funny, funny.

So apparently our daughter don’t trust either one of us because she wouldn’t even come in the room for her dad and then for me she wouldn’t stand very close to me, but I still tired and after I looked inside the bottle and said see, its in there. She just picked up the bottle, sat it down and said no it’s not. So I picked up the bottle and squeezed water all over her. She grabbed the bottle from me and chased me while soaking me. Then I think we are done but, nope. Here she comes with a cup of water and throws that on me as well.

Then Naven comes home so I tell him I want to show him a trick. He says ok and everything works out as planned. The trick went great. well, untill he’s dumping the water on me and I’m yelling that I already got wet.

It was great. such fun.