Family <3

So today, another Thursday. Another delivery day at work. Picking up and moving heavy boxes. Some I can barely carry. Organizing them from here to there. Yep. That day.ugh. Guess who did it though, without a wine or whimper?? Yep, meee. Ms trying not to let this stupid fibro hold me back in life.Yep. I got it all done all on my own. Yes it really did hurt but I’m not trying to cave in. Once again though, I HATE YOU FIBRO!!

I talked a lot to my sister today. She too has this horrible stupid illness. Although she has had it years longer than me. Poor girl. Our mother has it as well, but not half as bad as  either of us. I also have a cousin with it as well. My goodness that’s a lot. Prayers to anyone who suffers in any kind of way.

I would like to finish with recognition to my cousin Cathy. She truly is a great, amazing, and selfless daughter/human. She has done more for her sick parents than anyone can ever imagine. Her father was very ill and she stood by his side proudly with no complaint. Caring for him at home so that he would feel more comfortable. She was always her daddy’s little girl and always will be. She cared for him untill the day he went on home, R.I.H             Her mother is now very ill and Cathy once again stepped up to care for her mother, at home, for her mothers comfort. Cathy doesn’t hesitate in anything she’s required to do. No matter the struggle, no matter the emotions. Cathy deserves so much credit, so much praise. I would like to say how PROUD I am of YOU CATHY!!! I love you!!!