Day off

So I was off work today. Visited my mom. Picked up my nephew and we went grocery shopping. He was so good. Bought him a stuffed duck who we call quack quack. ☺ Came home and my daughter and her friend started to help me get the grocery’s from the car to the house and as soon as we started our 2 Maltese dogs took off down the front sidewalk. We called them but they kept running. We ran after them and still they kept running. Finally our dog Chief ran into the road and right in front of a car who stopped just in time. Thank you Jesus! Chief then runs down the street holding up all traffic both directions. All this while we are yelling at the dogs to go home. Scared as can be. They both did make it home safe and sound. Wooboy. Then later why did I find my daughter still with her friend in my living room with glue and pieces of toilet paper on her face trying to make a homemade facial she seen on you tube. So funny and no it didn’t work. Crazy child of mine 😁

    Later they were watching a wierd show on netflix called Miranda sings. It’s so so wierd. So I pulled my glasses down my nose pulled my pants out and started walking all crazy. My shoe flying off only helped my act. The girls loved it. They laughed so hard. I said see, I can be famous too by being wierd and crazy. They loved my little performance. My daughter said she wished she had recorded it to show everyone. I guess I did good. Good night!


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