People always ask or wonder what fibromyalgia is like. I’ve read that if you stay up all night and then you try to function that you will then have an idea. Or something like that. I don’t agree. That’s not even close. Actually everyone’s illness is different. So keep that in mind as you continue to follow my blog. I can only speak on my own illness.

I always wish my loved ones could truly understand me and all my fibro issues. I always try to explain the best I can, but no matter how I describe any issue im having I know that they truly don’t understand. They truely don’t have a clue. I really wish I could show them. I wish there was a body suit for them to wear for even just an hour to get an idea of what im trying to say. One of the best descriptions I came up with was well,, My daughter runs cross-country. Actually my son and husband both have as well, but currently my daughter does or is about to again. Anyway, so anyone who might have an idea of what running 2 or more miles is like may get an idea of what im talking about, but one day it hit me. Part of fibro feels like how you feel after running cross-country. That complete exhaustion, muscle burn, cramps everywhere, dead tired, cranky, thirsty, feel like your going to just die from all the pain. ugh… Yeah, fibro is  living that way all the time. With some more added issues of course. My medicine helps me live a better life. It takes most of my pain away so I can try to function as a “normal” human should. I’m still trying to figure out a better way of explaining and if I do I will give an update.