A Good Day!

So I had a pretty good day. Minimal pain. A lot less than a few days ago for sure. Had to take my son in to see his doc for a well check. Him and I ate lunch at White Castle. So yummy!! After our wonderful lunch we stopped at Marshals and got him a nice new pair of high top Jordans. He was in love with them.  :))                                                                Came home and my daughter had cleaned the whole house and done up all the laundry. She even cleaned up the yard. Such a sweet girl. I love her to pieces.                                  My sister and her youngest daughter stopped by for a visit. We had such a nice time. Talking about life, playing with the kids. She also helped me cook dinner and even taught me a few things. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t cook very well. Which is a family joke in my house. Honestly, I myself would even rather eat someone else’s cooking. On the other hand my sister Cheryl can cook great!                                                                              I defInItely was glad to spend time with her and my niece. I miss that. We grew up so close then somewhere a few years ago we drifted apart. But lately we have begun to talk on the phone a lot more and visit each other. Even doing things together. Which brings joy to my heart. I LOVE YOU CHERYL ANN!!


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