Snapchat, Snapchat oh Snapchat. Well first off I’m really not the greatest with all this technology, but I do try to do it. Sometimes my kids have help me. Which they think is funny. Well, from time to time my daughter comes and takes all these fun animal and crazy pictures with me. Which I love. Mostly because of the nice quality time with her because I don’t get it as much now that she’s hitting her teens, but also because it is fun. After awhile I see the pictures everywhere. I finally realize they come from an app called Snapchat. So I downloaded the app. I tried using it on my own, but coudn’t figure anything out so my daughter had to help me.  The last time she was helping me she went into a page of friend request’s that I guess I had sent out somehow. Which I still dont even know how to do. Anyway a request went to my daughters best friends single dad. I freaked because its just wierd right? So we deleted the request but apparently not in time. I guess he saw the request and was wierded out. Told his mother about it and she only said well, is she pretty and single. Which Im happily married. Well the kids think its the best funniest thing ever and only laugh about it.


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