So today was a good day. My daughter and I had a nice time shopping at Kohls and  then later she had a softball game. She plays for her school and I told her in the beginning of the season that if she hit the ball in the grass that I would give her $20.00. So guess who hit the ball in the grass tonight? Yep, my daughter and now I owe her $20.00. I’m so proud of her though because She really did play great tonight. I need to remember to take my chairs that I have for softball because them benches are so rough. I got my fibro cream in the mail today. I’ts for my flare ups. That way when ever I do have a fibro flare I can attack it from the inside and out. Which really sounds to good to be true. So I really hope it works. Well, I’ve got to start getting up at 4am tomorrow for work. The new management changed my hours. 4am to 1pm. Man this is going to be hard. Well, untell next time.


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