So Freaking Tired

        Today was the first day I had to wake up at 4m for my new hours at work. At first I was alright. Then at 6:30 I got real tired , but finally it past. Then my food order came in so that kept me real busy for a while. I was just tired all day. Finally on my way home at 1pm I felt like I might fall asleep at the wheel. So I rolled the window down and turned on some music. Which actually did help.  I couldn’t nap when I got home. Too much to do. Plus my daughter had a ball game tonight at 5pm so I couldn’t chance sleeping through it. Which by the way was a good game. My daughter for some unknown reason swung the bat with only one hand and at the very moment she began her swing she said “oh crap” which everyone could here. It was so crazy funny. Everyone there was laughing. Coach said ” you’ll never see that again “. We will never let her live that one down. Ha ha. I’m finally home in my bed. My favorite place to be anymore. I’m so sleepy, wore out, brain fog feeling, and pains here and there. ugh. Guess I can finally close my eyes. Good night world..