Image result for ApplesauceMy cousin’s baby shower was today.  Her first child. A baby girl. Naming her Willow Ann. How cute. She got so many gifts. Especially clothes. Yes we did play some baby shower games and one we played was where blindfolded children feed applesauce to adults. My wild child got to feed me. I knew I was in trouble from before we even started. I kept trying to switch children because I knew my daughter would take advantage of this opportunity to get me good and boy did she because as Soon as they said start my face was covered. I ended up having an applesauce shower. Which my daughter did on purpose. All she could do is laugh at me as I try to wipe it all off of me. Hopefully it helps my skin and hair. I did tell her that payback is coming. The party wore me out real fast though. Fibro tired. I found myself sitting in a chair feeling exhausted. So I knew to slow my pace as much as possible because I don’t wont to cause a fibro flare. They are the worst. Ugh… Now im resting in my bed. My favorite place.


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