So I finally heard from the Pain Management office today, to set up my first  appointment. June 8th,,, Say what? It’s only April 27th today. That’s almost two months away. Are you kidding me? I didn’t say all that. Only said wow that’s far and she said I know, but that’s as soon as we can get you in. So yeah. After I hang up with her I was thinking about how there is no way I will last that long. The pain I’m dealing with non stop is going to drive me insane. They are going to give me a nice little white coat that let’s me hug myself 24/7. UGH… I’m so miserable. Why didn’t my GP just up the one med like last time because it had made such a dramatic improvement then so I bet it will again. I just need help. I can’t continue living like this. It’s inhumane.

Then I thought, I’m just going to call his office and tell them my issue’s,  feelings and idea. So I did and it was so easy. Here I am prepared for a fight to help alleviate my pain but, nope.. They just sent a note to his desk and about an hour later I got a text from my pharmacy saying my Rx is ready. Holy cow. Grreeaat!!

I’ve now taken my new dos twice and It defiantly has helped so so much already. Why have I let my self suffer all this time when I had a feeling this would help. I should have called my doc so long ago. Now hopefully my leg’s don’t get any worse.

Still not real sure what to expect from Pain Management. My sister said she went years ago for her slip disk’s in her back and they basically put her through every test possible then said sorry, but we can’t fix it. Although here are some meds to help manage your pain. Now that being said, I’ve also read about so many different experiences with fibro and Pain Management. Like physical therapy, massage therapy, ( Which sounds great! Sign me uppp!!! ) and much more. So I’m hoping since it’s fibro and we already know there isn’t a cure that we skip all them test’s and just focus, in a pain-free way, how to help me live with my fibro and manage my pain. This fibro crap is just one long painful experience that will unfortunately last the rest of my life. UGH…


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