Well my last few days have been busy, which I feel like I say that a lot. HaHa. I guess I just am busy a lot. It’s a mother’s life…

   I had my nephew Kaegen Thursday through Saturday and he is always a handful. He’s the hyper and whiny type which drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade him in for nothing. We ran errands together on Friday. Which consisted of shopping at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree, where He was spoiled rotten to the core. Like always. 🙂 We ate at McDonald’s for lunch and when I told him his food options he picked a cheeseburger, And he really wanted that cheeseburger. No fries, or nuggets. Just a CHEESEBURGER… lol,,, So crazy funny. He’s actually big enough now to know what he wants. My baby is growing up on me.  😦  He also of course had him some chocolate milk.  He ate that cheeseburger like a big boy too. No mess anywhere. Awesome!!

   Next I knew I wanted to get his hair cut which he needed. I got some hair cut ideas off the internet and I had two I couldn’t choose from.  One was just a little shorter than what he got last time, but the other was a big difference. It required some real head shaving. I was so nervous. I ended up showing the hair dresser my options and she liked the head shave one best. She thought it would be great on him because of his cowlick. Which was exactly what I thought. Soooo, With my nerves a racking. oh boy I said let’s go for it…. AAANNNDDD      Before pic. (Don’t mind the paint. Painting day.)IMG_20170318_130405Tooooo

And I LOVE it. My mom is yet to see his hair, but oh my she is going to freak out. Lol

   Then I found the perfect yard sale with toddler stuff. Cheap toddler stuff. And yes I went a little over board, but hey It was a great yard sale. Kaegen had a blast with all the new toy’s and chair’s. But of course evething at aunt Meme’s house (Meme is what my three youngest Nephew’s and Niece call me) is for all three of them. Riot, Kaegen and Brooklynn. My babie’s ❤


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