So I was thinking, Id like to figure out how to get a fibromyalgia awareness walk in my state. I looked the walks up this year and there are only in about 5 states that have them. Which is actually very sad. I wish they were in every state. Awareness people awareness…A

     The closes awareness walk to me I believe is like two states away in Tennessee. If my memory is correct,,, buutt I have such a bad memory that I wouldn’t bet anything on it. Haha. 

   I sent an email to someone who I came across in a Fibro web page, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

   I’m really not sure how to go about it. I know it has to be signed up somewhere and probably approved as well. With lots of organizing and advertizing or something to get enough people here to actually do the walk.

   I know I could post in different fibro sites and word of mouth and im sure there would have to be some kind of a site that everyone would have to go sigh up at.

   Any advice is appreciated 🙂    

                                                               ♥♥Thank you!!


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