Quit my job

   So, I actually quit my job this past Monday. Ugh…. Which I’m not real happy about because I really needed the money. I just don’t know anymore 😦 My leg pain has just been getting worse and worse. My meds haven’t really helped much and I’ve just been in so much pain that I broke down crying at work. I just, I just can’t anymore.


   I told my husband who told me that I needed to just quit my job and that everything will be okay… Which I did. At this point though, I really don’t think I had any choice.

   I also called my doc which of whom I didnt even hear back from for 6 hours. Geeze. I guess we know who’s the chop liver to them. Thanks people… And his reply still was he don’t know how to help me anymore. Which I know he’s already told me but you would think he might try to help me. But nope. Nothing. But he had said that I should try calling the rheumatologist that he had sent me to for diagnosis to see if she can help me. (Whom I felt like didn;t really want to help me) and that they will call pain management first thing in a.m. to see if they could possibly get me in their office any earlier. Of course I never heard another thing from ANYONE..


   I feel so alone in this battle. I have no help.. I go to the pain management doc next month and I really hope they can help me or at least pretend that they care and are trying to help.

   I’m not sure what else to do. I know not working will help a ton but I needed that money. I hate not being able to help provide. Not having my own independence. I just feel like such a failure. Ugh,,, Mic , don’t think like that…

   So on a plus side the house will slowly but surely get a good spring cleaning. At least at home I can take my time and move slow. Plus I can stop and or sit whenever I need to.

   I’m trying to come up with a way to earn some kind of money from home. I’m just not sure yet. So here I set. My mind wondering about everything.  

   Oh, a happy thought for our furry family members. They won’t be home alone as often now that i’m not working. I’m sure they will appreciate it. 



4 Replies to “Quit my job”

  1. I know how you feel. Truly. I had to quit my job and apply for disability in 2012. Gentle hugs, dear.
    I’m up north near Cleveland, by the way. None of my blog friends live anywhere near me!


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