People always forget that I have fibro, which is a disability.   😦                                                                                   I can’t do everything that I should be able to do.         Like pick up or hold heavy things, Move things, and  Have energy. Simple stuff. “People” are always like hey will you? Can you? I need you to….Then because I’m so strong-minded and all. I will usually do whatever asked of me. Of course I pay the price later, But it’s hard not to do things that you know you physically can only shouldn’t.

   And then on the flip side of that is if  I say I can’t “people” get confused. They get this look on their face or in their voice. Like what??? Like they think im bull shitting them, but nope im not. I’m a disabled young mother. And yes it sucks… So when I tell them no and they get that weird look or sound in their voice I say, my fibro, remember? I can’t. Sorry. Then they always say oh yeah I forgot or I always forget. Which I do understand because I forget about others limitations as well, but when this happens to me I feel like im letting them down. I hate that feeling.

   I want to be all that I can and should be. I sure wish I could, but I am limited. So what I need to focus on is my happiness, gracefulness, humbleness, gratefulness , family, and my health. 🙂


9 Replies to “People”

  1. Yes You Do 🙂
    It’s interesting that people do this … I think its a thing with ‘unseen’ illness.
    I used to feel guilty too; but as time has gone on, I don’t apologise anymore, or even give reasons or excuses.
    It’s funny that ‘they’ forget you have an illness … because I bet You don’t forget you have it 😉 ❤

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  2. Well said! I have intermittent sciatica which is getting better. But then my heel spur flares up and I end up using the scooter at the store. Just yesterday I was smiling, but no one noticed that I was limping the day before. I feel guilty because I am basically healthy and just have flare ups. I guess I need to stop worrying what rude, anonymous people think of me. Good luck and best wishes for improved health.

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