So I had my nephew the other day. He’s almost 2 years old. (Actually next month, June 11th is his 2nd birthday.) So, he had said to me “let’s go for a walk” and so we did. We walked half way around the block. Then stopped at my mother in-laws for a break and ate an ice cream sandwich. Which was a nice little break for me. Then we finished up walking the rest of the way around our block. At some point toward the end I was carrying Kaegen because he didn’t want to walk anymore but, when we finally got home I sat there in my living room soooo ready for a nap. I was totally pooped. I couldn’t even get back up for a while. I can’t belive how wore out and sore that walk had made me. Ugh… My golly…. It wasn’t like we were speed walking. Which once again proves my point that doctors are crazy, because one of the things they say I should do is a little bit faster than a walk daily for 10 minutes. That it’s suppose to help manage my pain. WHAT?  REALLY? No not my fibro. It kills me. So try again doc…


7 Replies to “Pooped”

  1. For pts(d) the docs recommended exercise … and then I informed him, in my own way of course, that exercise increases my heart rate which in turn feels like a panic attack. And even though I know its not, I end up having one! And if he hadn’t prescribed so many ‘wrong’ pills in the first place, I wouldn’t be a lard ball! … suffice to say, he doesn’t like Me lol.

    You do You 🙂

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  2. I hear you! I walked two blocks to the vets office with my dog, I swear I was close to fainting by the time I arrived and I had to walk back home… I have made this walk numerous times. But this time, yesterday, did me in! Our energy levels are so different every single day. “Routine” and “exercise plan” are words that are not favorable with us Fibro Warriors. They just don’t work. ~Kim

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