My memory,,, WOW. I know it’s common to be forgetful when you have fibro, but just wow. It’s called fibro fog and you forget a lot. I think maybe it’s because im in pain all the time and so pain is always on my mind.

   So if I don’t concentrate on what someone is telling me or even what im doing I forget. Heck even when im busy running errands I’ll forget what im doing, where im going, or why I am where I am.

   One day I went through the line at Starbucks and couldn’t remember what I was doing there. I’ve even done something crazy like get in my car and realize I brought something with me from the house but don’t know why and don’t even remember picking it up.

    Sometimes I even go completely blank like my brain isn’t working at all.  Like I could totally be talking to a nurse or someone and be completely blank as to what meds I’m on or any kind of information about myself.

   It’s so crazy. Talking to someone and not even know what my point was. Idk.

    It just seems to happen a lot. If my memory were better I could come up with way better examples. ugh. huh, idk, lol I sure hope I don’t forget my name…











5 Replies to “HUH??”

  1. I wonder if its the bodys way of conserving resources – yah know, when you in pain a lot you need those resources for other things!
    The same sort of thing happens to Me … and again, I embrace it with humour … I’ve told myself I’ve forgotten the bullshit and only remember what it is absolutely important … like my morning coffee 😉 … btw, I’ve forgotten how to spell my name before lol … hope that makes you feel better ❤

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