So, my for sure craziest memory lapse story from my fibro fog is about my paycheck.

   I had my nephew that day. No surprise there and I had a list of things I needed to get done. Stop here, go there, do this and that anndd cash paycheck. My last and final thing on my list was grocery shopping. Makes sence because cold stuff should be taken home asap.

   Well I thought I had completed all my arends IMG_20170604_234453and so I went grocery shopping.

   Kaegen was definitely done with this day by time we made it to checkout and had started acting up.  That only made things worse.

   When the cashier was almost done ringing up my food I smacked my forehead saying OH MY GOSH…. The cashier looks and me and says , WHAT??? I said I just realized I forgot to cash my check. The man in line behind me looked at me but didn’t say a word. The cashier then told me to run over to the service desk, that nobody was there so she could cash it right now.

   So I grab Kaegen and my purse and we go over there. I give her all my stuff and go figure Kaegen keeps running off. I’m so embarrassed. I can’t wait to leave this store. All I can do is apologize over and over to everyone.

   Finally we leave with our grocerys.  Man oh mighty, That is a day I will always remember. Thanks fibro fog.IMG_20170604_234351


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