What causes fibromyalgia???

   Why me???

   This I would love to know.

   As would any and all who suffer from this awful disease.

   I’ve read about so many different theory’s from Doctors and researchers.

   Of course they each believe they have the answer or are on the right track, yet there theory will be completely different from the next so???

   I’ve read things like it’s caused because of our blood has an imbalance or we ate so much bad food that now our gut is sending out this and that which makes our bodies’ imbalanced.

    That it’s from an imbalance in our brains or it’s from a trauma, an old illness, or that it’s genetic or stress. even poor physical condition. also muscle trama, hormonal disturbances, and so on and so on …ect. Basicly it’s caused by everything and nothing all at the same time.

   How freaking lovely right?

   I do have some of my own theory’s like I think it probably is genetic and I think you probably do have symptoms all your life, I believe these because of my own experience but I could be wrong.

   I can’t wait to find out though.

   Not only because it will lead to our pain  management and cure but also because I like to know why about everything.

   If something is wrong with me, my family, my car or T.V. I want to know why and how it happened.

   I guess so I can try to prevent it in the future or fix it now.

  I would also love to have some type of evidence that I have it.

   Even a simple dot on my arm or purple finger nails. Haha. Purple is my favorite so I wouldn’t mind. 🙂 but something would be great!!IMG_20170520_232652


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