Talking makes it hurt


   So, I went to a new Doctor. A Pain Management Doctor. I can’t remember his name although I probably shouldn’t post it publicly anyway.

   We talked a lot about my fibromyalgia. He seemed to know a lot about it too. Which was impressive to me. I don’t know why but it was.

   He added another med to my list of meds. I feel like a junior pharmacy at this point. Haha. But I will give him credit on it because I can tell the difference at this point.

   It has helped a lot with my everyday life. Not so much with the stairs though. They are still hard for me. At least at this  point they are.

   I actually had to scoot down them last night because my bones in my legs hurt too much to come down on my feet like a normal person. Almost like my bones were splitting or breaking. So I said forget this and scooted down on my rear. Thank God I was at home 🙂 Hopefully in time that gets better.

   Anyway back to why I was writing. So talking to my new Doc seemed great untill the end. He had said some stupid  and contradicting things.

   First he asked if I have joined any fibro groups. I said yes on Facebook. He says they sound just like you right? In the way you feel? I said oh yes, for sure. He had said that it’s good that I joined the groups.

   I said I also started a blog to talk and vent. I know my family has to be sick of hearing about it.

   He then says that I shouldn’t talk about it. That the more I talk about it the more it will hurt. It seemed he don’t think my blogging is a good idea.

   He then gave me a story about when he was a kid and basically said every time he tells the story it hurts. Which I get that, but that’s your feelings. Not actual pain.

   I talk because im already in pain and because I read thing’s or trying to learn about my disease. Things like that. Also because it helps me mentally to talk about it. I’d be worse off if I didn’t talk. I don’t know, maybe im different.

   He also said he is referring me to a psychiatrist because he thinks I need to accept it, that i have fibromyalgia and once I accept it, that it wont hurt as bad.

   I don’t know why he thinks I havn’t accepted it. Whatever. And it wont hurt as bad. What?? Also contradicts his don’t talk about it thing because that’s what I’d be doing there. Duh Doc. Whatever.

   I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to play the game to get relief from this stupid disease. Hopefully the shrink does really help me. We will see. Update on shrink to come:)