So crazy me.  Our one bush has overgrown over some of the side walk that leads to our front door.  I had said something to my husband about the hedges needing cut. So he does go do some hedge cutting, but he never did the one bush that at this point is driving me crazy.  All cut except the one growing out over our walk way.  Ugh… i say something but time goes on and nothing changes with this one bush except it’s continuing to grow. Now I’ve never in my life cut the hedges.  Never even watched it be done but finally I can’t take it any longer.  Husband is at work so I go to the garage and get the hedge trimmer and an extension cord. I get it all plugged up And go at it.  Sparks fly.  Colors.  What was that?? I had already let go so it would shut off.  I stop. Set the Hedge cutter down and looked at everything. I had noticed I cut the extension cord in half. So that’s not good. So I unplug everything and throw the extension cord in the trash.  I can already see my husband shaking his head at me.  Haha. That’s such a Mic move.  Lol.   I then go to the garage and grab another extension cord. This time I wrap the cord around my shoulder so that I won’t cut it in half again.  And I go at the bush again. After a little while it finally looks a lot better. I can finally see my sidewalk. I feel much better inside. but my hand and arm are so numb I can’t feel them anymore. oh boy. I know later it’s going to get bad. I better stop what I’m doing and go rest the rest of the day away so I don’t end up in a fibro flare up before we go on vacation. but the bush is cut. The sidewalk is clear an so isn’t my inter self. 😁


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