Vacation and such

   Hello, It’s me again… ohh, my legs hurts so bad right now…

   Anyway so I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote. About little over a week.   I’ve been on here reading and commenting on others, but haven’t actually written.

   So at this point I have not yet heard from any psychiatrist to set me up to go see them. Although referrals seem to  always take forever. The new med I started still seems the same as when I first started it so no complaints there.

   We are about to head off for our family vacation. We are driving to Pilot Grove Missouri. We have family there. We have been there once before. They bought a new house that we are excited to see. Plus we miss the fam 🙂 They are my husband’s  favorite cousin’s family. So we are all pretty close considering our living distance. They were always super tight, Best friends. Two peas in a pod. :))

   They have 7 kids 9  in the family total. The 2 oldest girls have moved out. but still so much fun with all of them. We’ve seen 3 of the 9 within the past year on different life adventures. ❤ Got to hang out with one of the boys for a week in florida last July and the parents met up with my husband and I in Michigan for a weekend last november to watch a michigan football game (GO BLUE) which we won :)) but we haven’t seen the rest of the crew for about 3 years or something.      Anyway we are so excited to go back to Missouri. We miss the family and It’s so beautiful there.

   If I ever left Ohio it would be to move there. No joke. I actually think about it from time to time. Thats how much I like it there.

   I am however worried about my stupid fibromyalgia. The long drive and all. I hope I at least make it through the week we are there before a flare hits me. I will have to remember to take it easy in every aspect. We are also all going to six flags together to, which my kids are so excited for because we don’t have one here in Ohio. but I’m worried about that as well. All the walking and I don’t want to hold anyone back. I thought about getting a scooter thing. I know I probably should but then my self-esteem is like ” really??” ugh. I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear and see how I feel at the time.

   Well, I guess I’ve ranted and raved  enough. I will keep you all posted. 🙂



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