When are you due??

     So after the ceremony at my aunts funeral, we went over to the other side of the building for food and family time. I had my nephew Kaegen with me and we sat at a table full of my mom’s first cousin’s.                                                               As soon as I sat down Debbie say’s “so, when are you due?”                                            I felt so confused. Looking back and forth to her and Kaegen. Thinking she was talking about him but her question didn’t make any sence. Finally it hits me… So I say, I’m not pregnant. She say’s oh, you’re not? I say no and she changes the subject real fast.

    So yep. I got that most unwanted kind of question no woman ever wants to get…  I’m not even sure where she got that I was or why she even asked me.                      I know I really have gained some pounds since I quit smoking. Most of which did go to my gut, But im sure that’s all coffee and pop there. Haha, And weight gain is just common in people who have fibromyalgia. The meds and such.              But gee. So of course I was asking my closest family members if I looked pregnant…. It’s just so embarrassing to have someone ask you that question when you’re not pregnant. ugh..