Kids help…

   Yard work and fibromyalgia just don’t mix very well together. Which  I had already found that out the hard way last year. But the temptations…  When you see something and just want it done the right way right now.  Ugh… The struggle to not do things is very real. Sounds a little crazy, I know.  Lol but there really is a struggle. 

    So there were some things I wanted done in our yard and I wanted it done today.  So I put the kids to work.  Which they already know my yard limitations.   At least for the most part.  So when I asked them for help they didn’t mind or hesitate. My daughter mowed the grass while my son cut down a lot of weeds in a certain area of our yard for me.  It’s an area we use to call the jungle. It was once filled with lots of pretty flowers but now mostly taken over by weeds. 

   So, I decided that next year I want to plant vegetables there.  And them weeds just had to go today.  They had been driving me crazy long enough.  But of course I can’t help my self and start trying to help my son and the next thing I know is I can’t stand straight up because my back hurts so bad.  My son tells me “this is why I told you not to mess with stuff. You know you will get hurt. ” So I had to sit in a chair until it calmed down before I could go inside and call it a day.  He did finish cutting all the weeds down. Which is awesome so now it won’t drive me crazy anymore. đŸ˜‰

     Fibro just makes life so complicated.  I just want to do what I want when I want but that will never be the case ever again for me. Ugh…


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