I hate fake storeys. I was recently tagged to an article on Facebook that was saying they finally figured out the where and why of fibromyalgia… Saying that they finally found proof that it’s in our blood. So on and so on.  

   Yet it would be awesome if they did figure out any information of the sorts, because we can’t have a cure for fibro until we find out the where and why of it, But I see so many completely different stories all the time.  It’s so miss leading to those of us who suffer.  

   No one should post that they found this information if it’s not real info.  Ugh… honestly I think I may have posted about this very some subject in the past at one time or another.  Its just that it annoys me so bad.😡  

   I only want to read real info!  Anyways, Thanks Ashley for tagging me to something you  thought mite be helpful to me. 💜 


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