So this really has nothing to do with my fibromyalgia but it is such a great story I must share…

   So a couple of weeks ago my children and I were driving down an old country road and came across a huge turtle in the road. A lady stopped right before us so that’s what first got our attention. We also stopped and were trying to help get this poor turtle out of the road.

   He was a snapping turtle so that only made things harder. So the only thing we could come up with was find a big enough stick to push on his shell but not hurt him but get him to safety. All the while cars driving past us. Some being rude because we are all standing in the road to protect the turtle.

   We did manage to get him to safety. It was a slow process because we didn’t want to hurt him. I only hope he never went back into the road. I couldn’t believe how big he was. I didnt know we have turtles that big here in Ohio. He was about as big as a tire rim. Maybe a little smaller but real close.


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