Fibromyalgia, oh fibromyalgia….. ughhh…. So I’ve already figured out I can only do so much for so long before fibro knocks me on my butt like—- POW….. And that it did. ugh.

   Yesterday evening it hit me. I had been going all busy body for a while now. with only worsening pains. (not to downplay the pain only it’s just not what this story is about.) which got really bad but not yet the knock me down .

   It went busy body, short of sleep, craziness, stress, overwhelmed, and about to freak out mode till it knocked me down. All in a days time. Whoa… 

   So this is the story— My 13-year-old daughter Rylie had come up with this idea to have a summers last blow out sleep over with her besties. So she invited them over for her sleep over … There ended up being 3 extra teeny boppers at my house. Not to mention Rylie, my son Naven and 2-year-old nephew Kaegen. Pluse a husband lol.

   The girls were good and all just full of energy. They stayed up untill around 1am downstairs. Then went up stairs but not to sleep. They pulled an all nighter which is fine. I know it’s fun. Though loud enough to wake me several times.

   5am my son wakes me. Girls were screaming and freaking out so he came to the rescue but found that our brand new 6 week old kitten mizzou (From our Missouri vacation) had fallen through a crack where our old pull dolly in our home is and down to the basement. (I guess one of the girls had left the door open.) Kitten crying and trying to climb the old rope back up but re-falling. It was so so sad.

   I wake my husband who has to go to the basement and pull old boards out of the wall to reach the kitten. Kitten Mizzou Rescued!!! Such a relief. Her poor nose was bleeding but she seemed ok.

   Sad thing is that this isn’t her first rodeo. Poor girl last week went up the stairs to my sons room then walked out over to the railing and just fell. Of course he called me scared saying emergency, emergency and I came home fast as possible. Her little nose was bleeding then as well but otherwise ok. I had called the vet and she talked to me about all the ins and outs. So, unfortunately this isn’t her first rodeo..

   Anyway, Kaegen and I woke around 10am. Cool and chill then whinny sets in and girls wake up. Busy all over. Niece Sydney is in town from the Navy. mother-in-law made food, Son needs me to go somewhere with him, Girls need me for this and that., Whiney head Kaegen needs me and everything but yet nothing and all at the same time…. Ugh. I felt pulled this way that way and the other all at once.

   Finally done and home. Then BAM, POW, BOP!! Yep, Im done. Absolutely no energy, or strength. Everything hurts. Feel of the flu but not the flu to best explain, but worse… In bed I went. It was even too much to watch t.v. So to sleep I went and I slept untill 10am the next morning.. I woke feeling a little better. I Just know I must take it slow and steady for a while. 



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