What makes a wonderful homemaker?

I really love this. Made me feel like a better person, so I wanted to share that with everyone. 🙂

Coffee with Kate

pexels-photo (5)

I am pretty confident these days with my life and who I am.  It’s taken decades and a lot of soul searching, turning myself inside out, and hundreds of books.  I’m also in my 40’s and I believe that, at this point, I’m just tired of the drama around trying to fit in or keep up.  I stepped off the main path with all the others a while back and now I just wander around looking at the brightly colored flowers and enjoying the sights.

As a writer and homemaker, I’ve gone through the insecurities of not being good enough, creative enough, blah, blah, blah.  Oh, and then you add motherhood.  The three topics could put me in therapy for days.  At what point do we know we are doing a great job just as we are and doing just what we are doing?  How fabulous, fun, and sparkly do…

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