Tax free

   So this past weekend was our tax-free weekend here on ohio.  It’s only on school clothes, shoes and supplies up to $75.00. It was nice. We had such a great day.  We went shopping on Friday morning.  We left the house around 10am. shopped all day.  Got home around 7pm. Yes it only lasted all day. My daughter is particular but She got some great deals.  My son is so laid-back. He don’t care. He just goes with the flow.  We walked in, we shopped and we shopped and we walked and we shopped some more.  Let me tell you how it felt. Now that’s a whole nother story. My legs hurt so bad. My entire body ached like nobody’s business and then to hear other people say oh my legs I felt like if you only knew but we got through it. The next day I was super sore. I definitely paid for it. The plus side was we had lunch at White Castle which we don’t get very often because we don’t live near one but we are all set and ready for school.  They start on the 17th of August and I will have my quiet time back. How fabulous.


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