Texting psychiatrist

   So I have mentioned in the past on a different post’s that my pain management doctor said that I wouldn’t be in so much pain if I would just accept the fact that I had fibromyalgia right? Which is crazy because I think I have but anyway. So he referred me to a psychiatrist. The first one they referred me to never called Nothing NADA zip zilch. So I’m like okay whatever so I tried to call pain management to let them know but they never got back ahold of me either.  So when I went back for my check up with my pain management doctor I guess to see how the psychiatrist appointments were going and if they were helping any but of course I hadn’t been to one.  So I told him the story.   So that was a fast appointment.  Totally useless. So he referred me to another psychiatrist which I again didn’t hear anything. But also this time it’s a man.  The first psychiatrist was a woman then the second one was a man. And I kind of started thinking after a minute like I don’t know that I’m going to really open up to a guy. I know the point is for me to open up to somebody or whatever and I don’t know that I would so it would all be pointless. I definitely  wouldn’t be real and on a deep level. I just know my self. Not to mention I always look everybody up (always research) and this guy didn’t have the best referrals or reviews or anything like that annnnd, when I talked to my primary doctor he looked at my referral notes and seen who I was referred to he kind of made some comments like, well you know if you need to be referred to somebody else let us know and it won’t be a problem to refer you to someone else. And if he don’t know what this means (talking about his notes) then he’s not very good at his job. Her really said little things like that.  Just the way he was talking made me think like he has heard something about this guy. That maybe her really thinks this guy this psychiatrist isn’t the best. So all that kind of made me rethink about even giving him a try.  Kinda scared me away.  So, I was thinking and I called my primary doctor today because it’s been a little while and I still haven’t heard from that guy. I told them that I would really rather have a woman because I’m just not going to open up to a guy like that and she said that’s completely fine. She said I could look up and find anybody I want and I can pick who I want make sure they took my insurance and they will send a referral over to whoever I feel like I’d be comfortable with. Which it was awesome I did not expect that at all so I went through and I researched. I look at this person and that person. I called a couple places and these doctors aren’t there anymore and then I found one. She’s like a holistic type of a psychiatrist. She don’t prescribe addictive medication and she’s about the mind and body.  I’m not sure what it’s really going to be like.  I’ve never been to a holistic Dr.  It all just sounded really good. She looked a little young but seemed so perfect.  So I ended up calling her office and she happened to be the one to answer the phone. She sounded really nice on the phone she said she would take me as her patient and she didn’t personally need a referral but if my doctor’s office did that was fine. That she will wait on my referral. She was going to text me her fax number so I can give it to my doctors and when she did that she talked to me a little bit over text. I told her to look out for my name and she said which office I said Columbus and it just feels so good and it’s so crazy that I was texting my psychiatrist before I  even ever met her. Sor tomorrow I will call my primary doctor’s office and give them all the information so they can send my referral  ASAP. Then when I go there hopefully she really can help me in some kind of way in this journey of mine but I just thought it was a little bit different. The whole process that I went through to find a psychiatrist. Who I end up speaking to on the phone and texting on my phone. I feel really comfortable. I feel really good about it and I will keep you posted. 


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  1. Yessss! I am so happy for you! I went to therapy for 7 years… psychologist and about a year with a psychiatrist. I interviewed them! I ended up moving to a different state amid my therapy, an it took a while to find replacements… There were two I did not mesh with (and a third my hubby tried to tell off!) So it’s OK if you don’t feel a connection, like you obviously didn’t, and say NO. Now look at the gem you found! I wish you THE BEST!!! Give it a go! And do keep me posted!!!I’m thrilled for you, I really foun therapy to be a lifesaver, not fun, it was work, but it helped!~Kim

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  2. Debbie downer here….why do you get sent to a psyche doc for fibro? it’s a pain symptom. I went to a rheumatologist. She sent me to a pain clinic (which I declined). My GP begain treating my fibro and is quite capable. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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    1. I know. Actually I went to rheumatologist which sent me back to GP saying come back when your severe. ?? GP finally said he can’t help me anymore and sent me to pain management. I didn’t really want but I was desperate. And pain Dr said I wouldn’t be in as much pain if I would except it. Which I have a long time ago. Ugh so that’s why he was sending me to psychiatrist. I was like whatever. But today he didn’t say anything about it. 🤔idk. Ugh

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