Smacked right in the face

   Man o’mighty this fibromyalgia.     I know I haven’t posted in a little while. I usually try to at least post once a week. I had been working on my new business on eBay which is now legit and my business name is Rustic Purple.  Which I think is beautiful. Also my favorite color is purple but I’m a legit business owner now. 😊 So exciting! 

   Of  course I’m still in the process of learning so much and trying to grow. You can actually make a store  (which honestly I never even knew existed. Because whenever I’ve searched on eBay I’d just type in what I want and the stuff would just show up. I didn’t know people had stores on there.)🤔 I’m learning so much.  And after I’m with eBay for 90 days then I can open my own “store” which will give me better options and promotions. And I’ll make more money that way. 💲(The goal) Right now I just have a page I guess or I don’t really know what I have. Lol I’m still learning and I have to learn about the taxes and all the legal watt not too.  Way more than i thought… For sure. 

   Anyways that being said that’s why I’ve been missing or absent or  MIA . I’ve been building on my new business.  I still love my blog. I’ll always love my blog.  💜💖  I still want to blog at least weekly. So I apologize that I haven’t been around.  

   Soooo, oh my gosh, I thought I was doing pretty good with my fibromyalgia. Just normal pains here and there. The normal kind that I’m used to. That I can push thru and live.  I wanted to move my room around and deep clean a couple days ago. Thinking I’m in control of my own body. Ha… I can do what I want, when I want, how I want, ya right. Fibromyalgia 😡😵smacked me right in the face and I fell over like no joke. 🤕 I couldn’t move. I had nooo energy. I was laid out and all I did was sleep. I was in so much pain. The pain is still going on. It’s been a few days. Complete no energy like if you try to pick your head up but you can’t because you just don’t have the energy.  I mean if you’re a woman and you’ve given birth it’s similar to after you give birth. How you have no energy. That’s basically how I was. Plus every bit and piece of my body hurt. I felt like I got run over by a semi a few different times. 

   My husband did give me a body massage. He even massaged my arms, my hands, everything.. Which felt awesome. Maybe that’s what helped me come out of my funk. I don’t know but the body massage was last night and I’m moving again today.  I’m not saying I’m out of pain cuz that’ll never happen but I can move. Like get my bullheadedness together and keep going in life kind of a situation and that’s what I’m doing. 

   Of course nobody did the dishes, so I had to do them this morning. I can’t stand dirty dishes.  Ugh 😫They were like pilled up from a day and a half or something. Lovely. Thank you family. 

   Anyways I wanted to let you know how I’ve been doing and vent a little.😁 Obviously that’s what I do I vent and some people care about what I have to say and some don’t. Aparently you guys do and my family’s kind of sick of hearing it but they do love me. I’m not trying to say something mean. 

   oh yeah, and then I had to run to town which is 15-20 minutes to my Pharmacy. Almost an hour round trip to pick up my medication. I did not feel like running to town but you do what you got to do. 

   Also I don’t want to forget a shout out to my amazing mother-in-law because yesterday when I was fibro sick she made lasagna for the family to eat for dinner.  That was awesome. Diane you rock! Thanks, your the best and it was delicious.  

   So today I got me a monster to help with the energy. I know I know it’s not the best thing to do. I know but oh my gosh I got to go clean my house. At least as much as I can handle. Because it’s a mess.  

   Of course my Kaegen needed me. He just kept saying he wants to go home to Aunt Mimi’s house. Poor guy.  So yes I got him.  

   Well, thanks for listing😊               Rant over.


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