Tom Petty

Ugh… :(((((

   I’m truly upset about the passing of the amazing singer Tom Petty. He is/was amazing!! Hands Down!!

I fell in love with his music a long time ago. Back somewhere in the 90’s when I was around 13 or 14 years old. He was someone my mother had always loved And she still does. Her all time favorite song is Tom Pettys Free Fallin…. Great amazing song I must say my self…

   So I grew up listing to him all my life but it wasn’t until my childhood best friend Brandy and I totally dove into rock music and just fell in love with it.

   It was such a great time in life. Exploring music and experiencing life. Finding out what we really liked and what we didn’t.. We fell hard for rock music And of course Tom Petty was a favorite. His music can just sooth your soul…. It can inspire you, Make you feel good about your self, And lift your burdens.

   Just play it loud and listen. That’s it. No talking. Just put your head back, close your eyes and listen. I promise you will feel so relaxed… Oh Tom Petty, I miss you already.

   Try it with You don’t know how it feels or Free Fallin. Amazing songs!!! ❤ 

   TomPetty and the heart breakers….

   Now I’m not saying you need to smoke anything either. :)) because you don’t. Just be you. 🙂

   But yes, even to this day. Over 20 years later, I will listen to my Tom Petty music simply to relax myself, de-stress my mind and soul.

   (Without smoking anything) (Honestly people. you don’t need to smoke anything to enjoy his music!! I promis)

   Thank you Tom Petty for always being there when I needed you and for all the hard times you’ve gotten me through. On behalf of the world I truly thank you for your amazing music and all the emotional help it has done for us all 🙂   Tom Petty ❤ Ugh. :((

He will truly be missed. 


Mary Jane’s Last Dance-1993,

Free Fallin-1989,

You Don’t Know How It Feels-1994,

Here Comes My Girl-1980,

American Girl-1977,


Change of Heart-1983,

Don’t Come Around Here No More-1985,

Don’t Do Me Like That-1979,

A Face In The Crowd-1990,

Learning To Fly-1991,

Listen To Her Heart-1978,

I Won’t Back Down-1989


In Memory of The GREAT Tom Petty!!

 Tom Petty In Hershey Park Stadium