She can’t take me! What??

When the person or psychiatrist who you think is your new psychiatrist decides to tell you, after a long wait- that she can’t take you because she can’t take your insurance. This is after she’s already said she would take you and is now telling me I can call my insurance company and give them her ID and get a pre-approval so I can see her. Like what? I feel so confused… She had said she would see me after her vacation.  We would set up an appointment. I wait and wait and wait. She never calls like she said she would. So finally I get a hold of her and she said she can’t take me because she don’t take my insurance.  What is going on?? Ughhh..


5 Replies to “She can’t take me! What??”

  1. Is this the texting psychiatrist? I was hopeful but never have I heard of a psychiatrist texting a patient. It’s just not done. She is definitely having some issues in her life. This is not about you. I have been to male and female psychiatrists. I prefer male psychiatrists and female psychologists, well, that’s not true! I’ve had great male psychologists too… don’t think about the gender. And don’t give up! Try again, not with this one who doesn’t take your insurance. Research a few names, and make an appointment you don’t need a referral. Call you insurance and have them give you 5 names, look them up, go to one. If you don’t like that one, go to another on the list… you got this! ~Kim

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      1. Yes, very odd? I thought well cool! Now, not so much. I hope you are still seeking out a therapist of YOUR choice. The ultimate decision on who to ‘hire’ is up to you and you only. Don’t let a couple of bad apples spoil this for you. Thinking of you. ~Kim

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