A little

   So, I’m feeling a little better now.  I just hope that I at least stay at this level.  I don’t want to go back to the fibro flare. Well, honestly – who in their right mind would??πŸ˜• 

   I kind of been going up and down, up and down lately. I don’t even really get too far away from the flare and then it pops back up again. Ugh…

   I go back to my doctor next week.  So finally, that day is coming closer.😊It’s for a regular check-up with my pain doc, so I will tell him about my issues and see what he thinks. 

   Of course I haven’t gotten into any psychiatrist yet and I really think that’s what this appointment is really about.  That he just wants to check in on me with that and see how it’s  going. Although, that has gone nowhere but at least this won’t be a wasted trip like last time.  I actually have some issues that hopefully he can address for me. Well, hopefully he will address them and not  just tell me I’m crazy. So cross your fingers for me and I will keep you all posted.   

   Thank you all for the wishes, love sent and hugs. I appreciate it and all the wonderful words. Heartfelt make me cry kind of stuff.πŸ’ž You are all so super awesome and I truely appreciate all your support. Each and everyone of you are awesome 😚 Untill next timeπŸ‘‹


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