Unique Blogger Award?

   Thank you so much Kim for nominating me for the unique blogger award. I don’t really think I compare to you. Your such an  amazing women. With strength like only God knows. Dealing with all you have for as long as you have.   And a heart of gold to boot. Your always there to lift me up and inspire me. If you don’t already follow her (which you should)  then check her out at https://itrippedoveraston@yahoo.com 

   So, Kim my three things that describe me in photos are as followed~

My children~ Left to right~

Rachael (My son’s girlfriend), My 17 year old son Naven and my baby, My 13 year old daughter Rylie. My💙

My nephew I talk about a lot that I help raise.  My wittle baby 2-1/2 year old Kaegen Jaxton Kyrie. Whom I call Jax and my 💛

Annnnd, finally my husband Tyler. The best man ever!  I love this man more than I could ever explain.  He also is my💚 I love this picture too.  Fighting over the hose to spray one another😁 Great time, and wonderful memories.  My guys💞
   I hope these pictures help describe me.  My heart and my life literally revolves around my family.  And they are my happy place😁


6 Replies to “Unique Blogger Award?”

    1. …whoops, hit the wrong button! See! I am not perfect! I love the pics. You and I are on different journies but still have so much in common! We can’t compare because we are both individuals. You have such strength and such courage!!! Never underestimate that!!! Congrats on receiving t
      The Unique Blogger Award!

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