Until Tomorrow 

   So, tomorrow I finally see my pain doc.  Excited and dreading it all at the same time. Excited for hopeful help but dreading that what if he just brushes me off.  You know….  How so many people do. 😔            I’ll keep you posted.  😊 

   Also Halloween is tomorrow. 🎃 Excited to watch my baby boy Kaegen go trick or treating. 👻 Then try to get him to share some candy with me. 😁🍭🍬 And hopefull end up with lots of Reese cups. 🍫 So n until tomorrow. 😉


4 Replies to “Until Tomorrow ”

  1. So a few things I’ve read are not to forgo your pain medicine before going. People do that to “show” the doc how bad it is but it doesn’t work and looks fake. A brief history of trials of meds and failed with reason. Don’t let them push you around. If he doesn’t mention doing anything different you tell him you’ve been dealing with this pain since _____ and nothing has helped. Just my two sense. Use descriptive words…burning, sharp, radiating and DO NOT be afraid to say something like “I can only manage a shower once a week” Speak of your worst days….probably all stuff you know 🙂

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