Small nerve fiber study link

   Hello all, So I’m excited to be blogging today. I’m not sure why but,,, hey,,, it really don’t matter does it. 🙂

   So, I’ve been excited to talk a little about an article I had read on one of the Facebook sites that I follow. I can’t remember where I saw it but it was talking about how now they think that there are different types of Fibromyalgia. I kinda already figured that would happen. I mean, we all experience different but the same issues. Right?? (If that makes sense..)

   I think it said 4 or 6 different types. I’m actually looking now to see if I can find that article again. Hmmm….

   I found it so let me share the link for those of you that are interested in reading it.


   It’s a pretty long article but I just thought it was a bit interesting myself.

   Who knows if they are right, close or just wrong all together. . Only time will tell.

   So, on another note. I’ve been feeling okay lately. Still extra sleepy and lazy feeling. I guess it’s really not lazy. More like no energy.  Other than that I’m back closer to MY normal. At least for now. Maybe I should knock on wood. Right…

   I’ve also been working in my online world. Trying to expand, learn, and hopefully helping others along the way.

   I now have my blog, an eBay store, Twitter, Poshmark, Facebook sales, and a Youtube account that are all public and they sure do keep me busy. Not to mention my personal accounts. My public accounts are all in some way linked to me. To my brand. To helping me emotionally and financially.  I like the slogan My purple hustle. Ha ha. Idk tho. I’m just really trying things out. Seeing if they fit me. If not then I can at least say I tried. My blog though, is very personal to me. Dear to my heart if you will. The rest is fun, entertaining, helpful and in testing mode. Or maybe I’m the one in testing mode. Who knows.  I don’t really know what I’m doing tho. lol. Ecept I sure am having fun. So with that I bid you farewell my butterflys.  ❤



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