The faces of fibromyalgia.      Ugh. That’s my life.  😔                Sad but true.                               Right now I’m having a flare up with major fibro fog.  I can’t think straight to save my life. 😜         I’m having crazy exhaustion,     no energy what so ever and everything in my body is wore out, numb feeling with an ach to it. Yes my entire body.  Even my eyeballs. All I’ve done today was Netflix and sleep.  Both, on and of all day.  I’m on my couch now and my son is the one in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Tacos!  Yummy! Bonus- it’s deer meet tacos. 🍖🍽 So excited to eat some deer meat.   It’s been way to long. We actually Just got the meat back today.  This morning.  Only took 2 weeks to process my husband’s buck.  I’d post the picture of his buck but I know not everyone likes that kind of thing. (Also, please no rude comments on what and how we choose to eat.  You eat your way and we will eat ours.  Thanks!)                                             So anyway, back to my flare.  So I actually know exactly why I got my Flare, my fibro flare.             It’s so silly but it’s because I scrubbed the shower and shampooed the carpets yesterday. I knew I would regret it later but they were things that needed done and I thought, I’m having a good day, I’m going to go ahead and do it. Yeah I know I know. Don’t tell me. I already know better than to do that. Ugh. And I definitely shouldn’t have done both things in the same day. It’s totally my fault. So here I am, laid up on the couch all day in and out of Netflix and sleep land. Yep, that’s been my wonderful, lovely day… 😝 Well, I will keep you posted and hopefully next time I will have good news.  😊 


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