Tender ouch

   Okay, so with fibromyalgia comes tender points. There are 18 of them and they come in sets of two. Meaning both sides of your body. Both arms or hips and so forth.  That kinda thing.                               Now that does not mean you will be affected by all 18 or any for that matter, but that there are 18 different possibilitys.                   They say typically if you have fibromyalgia that you will have or be effected by at least 11 of the 18 tender points. Which is actually one of the remedys they’ve always used to diagnose fibromyalgia. Although they did finally discover that not every person with fibro will actually have these tender points. Still most do. 

Tender Points ⤵

   Anyways I had to explain tender points to make sure everyone knows what I’m talking about in the rest of my post.  

   So my first tender point that I  noticed had pain, that really hurt and it really made me scream when pressed is the one that I’m actually blogging about tonight. It’s the lower back/upper right side hip tender spot.  Not sure what to call it but yep, that one.  That’s the one that’s been bothering me and suddenly, out of the blue. Out of no where.                                               This has never happened to me before. Nobody pushed or touched my spot. Yet it is just throbbing away and it feels like there is pressure on it. As though it has been pushed or pressed against. It feels a non stop throb pushed pain which is painful.  And the wierd thing is that the left top side of my head feels the exact same as my tender spot. This is especially weird because the pain spot on my head isn’t even a tender spot. It’s not any kind of spot at all but right now it sure does feel like one.😔 

   Obviously my fibromyalgia is acting up. It’s just another new experience in this journey of fibro issues which I will learn to deal with and keep moving forward in my life because I’m a warrior. All  fibro fighters are warriors!!


5 Replies to “Tender ouch”

  1. Yep, they tend to hurt at times even when no one pushes on them… an ‘ex’-doc of mine use to do the tender point exam on me every damn time I walked into his office, during our last visit together he asked me to stand – I did and knew what was coming. I started moving just out of his reach every time he tried to touch me. He got very upset and I yelled,” Why are you trying to hurt me?!?! You already know I have fibro!!!” Needless to say, we broke up. I walked outta that office like a Warrior BOSS! Peace out!~Kim;)

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  2. Hello LadyFibroWarrior
    A fellow chronic life blogger like me nominated me for this award and normally I would let things like this pass by. However, I took the challenge and have selected my nominees.
    I am writing to let you know that I am nominating you for a Leibster blogging award, you don’t have to take the challenge but if if you choose to you can display the award badge on your blog.
    Leibster awards are given by fellow bloggers to each other as a way to recognise the writing / work we each do.
    Please read my nomination post which will go live at 1:30pm today > http://fibroflutters.com/2018/01/09/nomination-liebster-award-2018
    Wisihing you wellness

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