So my wrists and legs have been acting up and I’ve been extra tired these last few days. I think it’s because of our crazy Ohio weather. We were nice spring like weather today. So lovely out. Warm to cold. Cold to warm. So I figured that’s what’s caused my flair up.

Well I was already dealing with that but had to take my kids to their school last night. Sadly it was for a memorial gathering. Because unfortunately Wednesday after school 3 highschool kids slid on ice. Wrecked. Slid into guardrail. Hit telephone pole and split it in half. The car then flipped and went into a tree. Sadly two of the children did not make it. The third child, a girl was in a coma at first and when she awoke her parents had to tell her that her brother and one of her best friends did not make it. So the football team put together a memorial after school Thursday at 8 p.m. out at the football field. So of course I took my children. My daughter knew the little girl who did not make it. They use to sit together on the bus. So we sat up on the bleachers. It Was freezing cold which was fine. Well before anything started I get up and start to walk down the metal steps and slip on an icy step. I went down on my ass and slid down a few steps in the process. So humiliating. I wanted to die or become invisible. There were probably a few hundred people that showed and an intire area saw me. 😔 Of course everyone asked if I was okay but oh my golly how embarrassing. Ugh… Hurt my self as well but man. Then go figure today (the very next day after me) My husband slips on oil at work and lands on his ass and messed his back up bad. Actually he’s laying next to my at this moment and dying of back pain. So I wander which kid of ours is gonna fall tomorrow and if so I will let you all know.


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