Couldn’t use my arms today. Started this afternoon. Suddenly the left then the right began to ach like crazy. I became very tired and no energy. Still, dinner had to be made. Thank you to my daughter Rylie who saved the day. 😁 She made dinner for me. For us all! So that I could rest. She’s the best. She cooked deer steak In the air fryer and instant mash potatoes. 🍽Yummy yummy… but oh boy right after dinner my fibro doubled. πŸ˜” I couldn’t anything. I just layed in bed.πŸ› Not moving. I couldn’t. No strength. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open 😴 so to sleep I went. I slept about 45 min then my phone woke me😝but I do feel half better. I’d say back to where it started And better than where I was. But man that weakness, no strength crap is just for the birdsπŸ•Š 😝


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