The flu

So my house has the flu. 🤒😷My kids have the flu. 😵 There’s been vomiting everywhere….

They both woke to vomiting. First my daughter then my son. My son even actually puked on our dog scooter.🐶 Poor puppy dog. Our dog Scooter has always sleept with our son but who would imagine that would ever happen. Poor poor puppy dog! 🐕

I’ve been ruining up and down our stairs, taking care of my sick kids and now my legs hurt so bad from it. Man it’s been rough. On all of us. There ill with the flu. I’m so exhausted and in pain… ugh. But when children need their mommy, they will always come first. Hands down! They come before our own illness, needs, wants, dreams, crippling conditions, pains and or sicknesses. Anything and everything! And a mommy’s babies come first no matter if they are newborn, teenagers or adults. It’s just the way mommy’s are made. 💜

Hopefully they start to get better fast because I know how bad the flu sucks and I don’t want them feeling bad.

Well it’s 12:30am and I’m about to eat me some chocolate pebbles cereal and then hopefully get me some sleep. Goodnight to you all! 🛏


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