Old New Dog

So we got a new dog…

New but not new and not really old either. lol. He’s only like 18 months. His name is Chance. He’s a lab mix. Looks like he might have some German Sheppard in him as well.

He belonged to my parent In-laws. Which I knew it the day she brought him home that he would be way too much. They both trained him well. My father in-law did most of the dog walks but can’t do them anymore do to illness and my mother in-law has some disability’s with her hips, legs, and back. She’s had many surgery’s but I guess when she first saw Chance she just fell in love. They tried as long as they could and just can’t care for Chance any longer. The do love him to pieces though. Sooooo,,,, Yep we took him in. It was either us or some strangers and this way they can still see him whenever they want. Heck, we only live around the corner from them. we’ve also known him since he was a pup. He’s grown up with our children who also love him to pieces annnddd he’s an already trained dog. Plenty of positives.

Only thing is my doctor had previously told me in a convo we had that he didn’t want me walking big dogs because he’s afraid it will irritate my fibro but what do you do in this big situation??? Even considering my doc’s opinion I still think we made the right choice.

I only have to take him out if I’m the only one home and when I do we only walk our own back yard. That way hopefully he don’t pull as much.

He has really fallen in love with me. He follows me everywhere I go. He’s so cute. He even refuses to sleep anywhere else but in my bed with my husband and I.

He does this cute little thing. He will come over and just put head in my lap and just stay there. πŸ™‚

So a new life journey has deffinetly begun…


5 Replies to “Old New Dog”

  1. I love him! I have two big dogs. One pulls when we walk. I got a gently lead, which she hates but has learned not to pull… It takes time and by all means have someone else walk him and use the gentle lead. Dogs are smart! He’ll get it in no time. Just enjoy him. Either way, he will add so much to your life! ~kim

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