That chronic illness comfort feeling…

It’s so strange how you get such a comfort feeling when you realize or learn someone else has the same chronic illness as you do. Now I’m not saying your happy that they are ill because that’s not even close. It’s just that you get a comfort feeling because you know they truly understand where your coming from and what you’re going through. I know we can explain to people all day long in every kind of way possible but the only people who truly understand you are your fellow chronic sufferers,otherwise you actually really feel pretty alone most of the time. So when you come across someone with the same illness you get a strange feeling of comfort because for a second you don’t feel alone anymore and that’s where the comfort feeling comes in. Crazy, Yes I know and so very sad too. 😦

I actually just realized the feelings and why we have the feelings when I was watching a YouTube video. I had been watching this particular joint video lately where 4 different people come together once a week and do a joint video on a certain area. An area I’m interested in and found that this paticular group are great at teaching me. I learn so much from them. I actually favor this group of people for learning. I don’t want to put names out there without permission or I’d definitely send you that way but with all my personal opinion in this post i’d rather just not. So anyway, one day I thought to myself hey I want to go follow all of each of their social sites. Even their individual stuff. So, that’s what I have started doing. When I found one guys personal YouTube channel I followed and started watching some of his personal stuff and in one video. His introduction video he talks about how he use to work a “regular” job but was eventually diagnosed with a few health things. One of which was ……….fibromyalgia. So now he does the whole resale and social world stuff. It brings in some cash and gives him something to do. He talked about how sometimes he don’t do much or any work due to pain and flare ups and he went on explaining a little to educate people. Anyway he sounded like he was explaining me. My life. It was crazy. And to think I had been watching him in the group video for a while now and didn’t have a clue. I definitely have more respect for him now for sure.

So yeah, that was my experience with the weird comfort feeling. Once I realized I just had to share. I hope someone can relate.  🙂




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