Social Security???

Hmmmm???? I just don’t know. I think I’m just scared of denial but I need to get over it.

I do have a chronic illness that prevents me from holding down a job. Especially when one main area of my pain is in my hands. There ain’t much out there that you don’t need hands for. Heck you also have to get there some how right? And if I can’t drive because of my pain then what???

So no I have not applied for social security yet. I know I need to. My mother in-law says STOP reading the internet and just file.

From what I read I doubt I’ll be approved. Even though hands are an essential part of EVERYTHING.

I just think I haven’t suffered enough in their eyes. To put it simply.

I don’t know. My bad pain started in 2012. I was finally diagnosed in 2016. I have my regular GP who prescribes most of my meds and then he sent me to pain management which of whom I don’t get pain med from. Only some other med I take in the AM. He said it was newly discovered to also help with my issues. Heck I don’t know what actually does what and or helps anymore. It’s all kinda just blended. And hats that. My fibro med history.

Any advice out there? I live in the US in Ohio if that helps. 🙂



So my fibro has been pretty steady with the pain levels and affect it’s had on me these last few months. Been mostly mid mild with its own on/off higher levels. But that’s been a hit and miss kinda thing. So, I must say I’m pretty thankful. I know it could be so much worse and it has been worse in the past but lately I’ve truly been blessed. Idk why. I wish I did so I could share with you all. I’ve been the same with my life as always so idk. And not to mention this Ohio weather has been up and down. Over and under. Left and right. Just crazy bipolar weather. Lol So I think my pain should probably be either all over the place or just plan bad. Hmmm. I wish I knew the trick. Although I have noticed my loss in words has definitely gotten worse though. I’ll be talking and totally loose words.. It’s crazy. I worry about the memory part so much because my grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s and my aunt had dementia. Both on my mothers side but so I’ve seen what both these diseases do first hand and it’s the worst! The saddest ever! And both are genetic. 😣So, I’m scared!

Fibro apps

I never knew there were apps for fibro. I guess it just never crossed my mind. Hmmm.

I was on Pinterest like we all do 😁and looked up fibromyalgia just to see what mite pop up or what I can possibly learn. I first saw an interesting pin about great yoga stretches to help fibromyalgia. Awesome! I love yoga. I only know a few positions that are useful and not painful but now I have some more options. 💜

So after looking around I saw a pin for the best fibromyalgia apps of 2017… Yeah I was like, huh? So yes I checked that out. Some were about journaling, or pain calculators and chats. Idk though. I didn’t feel anything was really my cup of tea. Some neat apps out there though. If you haven’t you should definitely check some out. I don’t yet habe enough info to recommend any but still wanted to share with you that they’re are some available and hopefully I help someone💙