Fibro apps

I never knew there were apps for fibro. I guess it just never crossed my mind. Hmmm.

I was on Pinterest like we all do 😁and looked up fibromyalgia just to see what mite pop up or what I can possibly learn. I first saw an interesting pin about great yoga stretches to help fibromyalgia. Awesome! I love yoga. I only know a few positions that are useful and not painful but now I have some more options. 💜

So after looking around I saw a pin for the best fibromyalgia apps of 2017… Yeah I was like, huh? So yes I checked that out. Some were about journaling, or pain calculators and chats. Idk though. I didn’t feel anything was really my cup of tea. Some neat apps out there though. If you haven’t you should definitely check some out. I don’t yet habe enough info to recommend any but still wanted to share with you that they’re are some available and hopefully I help someone💙


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