So my fibro has been pretty steady with the pain levels and affect it’s had on me these last few months. Been mostly mid mild with its own on/off higher levels. But that’s been a hit and miss kinda thing. So, I must say I’m pretty thankful. I know it could be so much worse and it has been worse in the past but lately I’ve truly been blessed. Idk why. I wish I did so I could share with you all. I’ve been the same with my life as always so idk. And not to mention this Ohio weather has been up and down. Over and under. Left and right. Just crazy bipolar weather. Lol So I think my pain should probably be either all over the place or just plan bad. Hmmm. I wish I knew the trick. Although I have noticed my loss in words has definitely gotten worse though. I’ll be talking and totally loose words.. It’s crazy. I worry about the memory part so much because my grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s and my aunt had dementia. Both on my mothers side but so I’ve seen what both these diseases do first hand and it’s the worst! The saddest ever! And both are genetic. 😣So, I’m scared!


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  1. This has been a wild winter! I’m in Minnesota. We got 10″ 2 days ago… of snow! My level has been off the charts, however… today I messed up my meds and had to call the hubs to come home, I was a weirdo for about 6 hours. The Alzheimer’s and dementia are very scary. You know that fibro steals words from you so that is most likely the reason for this happening to you so young… keep working your mind, the words will come back, its just a fibro fog flare. ~K.

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  2. We’ve had crazy weather in the UK, too. Even though it’s technically supposed to be spring, in the course of a week we’ve had snow, freezing temperatures, downpours to cause floods, and then yesterday sunshine. Now it’s just back to cold and miserable. Reflects my turbulent, changeable moods lately!
    I can understand your worries given family history, and I know there’s nothing I can say to reassure you, but being forgetful and feeling ‘off’ more than usual are often part and parcel of fibro, med changes, etc. As Kim said, keep your mind active – but maybe try crosswords and reading, rather than overthinking and stressing (my ways of keeping my mind active!) πŸ™‚
    Caz xx

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