Social Security???

Hmmmm???? I just don’t know. I think I’m just scared of denial but I need to get over it.

I do have a chronic illness that prevents me from holding down a job. Especially when one main area of my pain is in my hands. There ain’t much out there that you don’t need hands for. Heck you also have to get there some how right? And if I can’t drive because of my pain then what???

So no I have not applied for social security yet. I know I need to. My mother in-law says STOP reading the internet and just file.

From what I read I doubt I’ll be approved. Even though hands are an essential part of EVERYTHING.

I just think I haven’t suffered enough in their eyes. To put it simply.

I don’t know. My bad pain started in 2012. I was finally diagnosed in 2016. I have my regular GP who prescribes most of my meds and then he sent me to pain management which of whom I don’t get pain med from. Only some other med I take in the AM. He said it was newly discovered to also help with my issues. Heck I don’t know what actually does what and or helps anymore. It’s all kinda just blended. And hats that. My fibro med history.

Any advice out there? I live in the US in Ohio if that helps. 🙂


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